06 December 2010

New Routine

Last Saturday saw the first significant snowfall of the season in Madison, Wisconsin.

It was not -- as you probably guessed -- conducive to garden-like activities or visiting the farmers’ market. (Our family did, however, pick up our Christmas Tree at a fundraiser sale to support the
Forestry Club at the University.) Nonetheless, the following piece is submitted for your consideration in the spirit of weekend gardening and fresh food shopping. It was written several weeks ago, in the early days of fall, while I was out on assignment for a journalism course.

* * * * *

My wife and I have been up since dawn with a toddler who doesn’t care that it’s the weekend.

A few years ago, we would have been shuffling around our tiny apartment in San Francisco, shaking off Friday night’s cocktails and live jazz. But we’re Midwestern parents now. The 1 p.m. breakfasts of our early twenties are gone. These days, Saturday morning starts early and outings – if they actually happen – center on farmers’ markets rather than hangover food. This is the social life of a parent.

So, as I have done on many other Saturdays, I shift the car into park. I hoist the stroller from the trunk. And we make our way across the parking lot. If nothing else, at least there will be other people here.