07 January 2011

In Good Company

Last week, I posted the final (and long delayed) installment of a nine-part series on gardening, what it looks like, and why the heck we go to so much trouble. I’m a little disappointed because I hoped it would be a ten-parter. But… if I count this post… that makes ten! Done and Done.

I undertook this project as part of a fall 2010, agriculture-themed journalism class with the immensely talented and passionate Deborah Blum. She has been, and continues to be, a valued teacher and mentor. For those interested in a little science, real-life crime drama, and history, I recommend her latest book, The Poisoner’s Handbook. I finished it over the winter break and can assure you that it’s a – wait for it – killer read. What? Lighten up.

Anyway, thanks Deb.

I (obviously) was not the only student in class. Hearing from and writing in the company some highly talented and interesting journalism grad students turned out to be just as rewarding as most of the writing I actually did for this course. I encourage you to take a little time and check out my classmates' blogs. Their creative fellowship and feedback was a great help to me and I think you will enjoy their work.

Sarah Karon @ I Buy, You Buy

Yifei Lui @ China & The World Economy

Naya Mukherji @ The Color of Food

Jamie Fisher @ Sweet Tooth Sleuth

Benji Klein @ The Meaty Matters

Erin Kapp @ Astronaut Ice Cream

Will Mueller @ My Backyard Chickens

Kelliann Blazek @ Environmental Stew

Sean Egan @ Supply Doesn’t Care about Demand

Linda Pfeiffer @ The People's Health Journal

As for this here blog… I fully intend to continue writing and sharing my thoughts – limited as they may be. However, I will be returning to my original inspirations which include history, education, philosophy, maybe a little cultural commentary, and whatever happens to piss me off that day.

I hope you will stick around and continue sending your thoughts, comments, and suggestions. I’m not just writing for my health. I do want people to read some of this stuff.

For now, I wish everyone the happiest and healthiest New Year possible.


1. UW Toboggan Club, 1929 from the UW Digital Collections
2. Typewriter_Macro by Tom Burke

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