Somewhere between the hatch marks of our lives – work, family, school, commuting, and commercial interruptions – we each manage to discover and define that particular something that makes us human. It is here, in the between, where we find a reason to keep going, relish moments of triumph, and grimace at the pieces of ourselves that could be better.

Photo by Norm deVeyra
Somewhere Between is a writer’s blog dedicated to this intermediate space. As a student of history, philosophy, and education, I primarily discuss these issues. Readers should not be surprised, though, by trips and tangents into other themes. Similarly, while this blog is largely a professional undertaking in thoughtful, creative non-fiction, loyal followers will undoubtedly encounter more than a few personal commentaries.

Though everything I offer will assuredly prove relevant, well-reasoned, and profound, your humble blogger takes full ownership of the fact that some content may not live up to the strictest of academic or journalistic standards.

Errors, omissions, and shortcomings are mine alone. I can only offer a promise to do better next time – somewhere between my efforts to do better as a student, scholar, father, son, husband, and friend.

*           *           *

A final note, for those interested few, about myself.

J. Edward Connery
The "J" in "J. Edward" stands for Justin. These days, the only people who call me by my first name are either related to me, married to me, or have known me long enough to tell embarrassing stories about the awkward kid they knew in Jr. High. (People who might feel tempted to tell embarrassing stories about the stupid kid they knew in college risk a blanket denial that we have ever met. Ever.) These folks know who they are.

Anyway, you can call me Ed.

My professional and academic interests include the history and philosophy of higher education in the United States. Over the past several years I have worked in multiple positions in higher education as a full-time educational Policy Analyst at the University of California, Berkeley and a graduate researcher at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. I have authored or co-authored publications and conference presentations for the Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC), the Wisconsin Center for the Advancement of Postsecondary Education (WISCAPE), the American Education Research Association (AERA), and the Midwestern History of Education Society.

In 2010, I earned my M.A. in Educational Policy Studies at UW Madison with the completion of a Master’s thesis titled, Think Before Your Teach: Understanding and Promoting Success among Undergraduates. (I can tell you all about it, if you like.) And, in 2004, I graduated from UC Berkeley with a double major in history and political science. Though living the high life in the upper Midwest with my wife and young son, I am – at heart – a loyal son of California.

For now, my aims include pursuing a career in higher education policy and writing on topics of educational history, policy, and philosophy. Fans and critics alike are welcome and encouraged to contact me with questions, comments, and suggestions at somewherebtwn@gmail.com.